Discover Palmižana
PALMIŽANA is the popular name for the small island of St. Klement, Palmižana is located just off the coast of the town of Hvar. It is one of many islands in the unique Paklinski archipelago renowned for its beauty.
Every day guests of Villa Meneghello have a boat at their disposal (by request) which can take them from Hvar to the Meneghello Resort on Palmižana. The Meneghello family has just celebrated a hundred years of its special tourism, giving guests from all over the world its unique style of hospitality and Croatian culture, all set in the beautiful luxurious botanical garden that is Palmižana.
If you visit Palmižana you can dine in either of the two excellent restaurant: the new and attractive Toto's on the beach and the well-known 'Palmižana' with its wonderful view of the Southern Palmižana Bay. Both restaurants are famous for their fresh, local seafood delicacies and high-quality Mediterranean cuisine.
Here you can wander in nature, visit the museum of amphorae, the gallery with works of renowned artists, the art shop, or experience the Palmižana beaches.
Here too guests can also rent small boats, as well as kayaks, to explore the bays of the archipelago.

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